In accordance with the ANZSIL Constitution, the ANZSIL Council is comprised of ten members, including residents of both Australia and New Zealand, who are elected from amongst the membership at the Annual General Meeting each year.  The Executive (comprising the first five listed Council members below) meets quarterly, while the Council in plenary meets twice a year.

The Annual General Meeting is held in July each year, in conjunction with the annual ANZSIL Conference.  

ANZSIL Council

Karen Scott (NZ) (2023*) (President) (University of Canterbury)

Joanna Mossop (NZ) (2023) (Vice President) (Victoria University of Wellington)

Esmé Shirlow (AUS) (2023) (Vice President) (ANU)

Monique Cormier (AUS) (2023) (Treasurer) (Monash University)

Stacey Henderson (AUS) (2024) (Secretary) (Flinders University)

Alberto Alvarez-Jimenez, (NZ) (2024) (Waikato University)

Madelaine Chiam (AUS) (2023) (La Trobe University)

Felicity Gerry QC (AUS) (2023) (Barrister, London/ Melbourne)

Jessie Hohmann (AUS) (2024) (UTS, Sydney)

John Morss (AUS) (2024) (Deakin University)

Jennifer Cavenagh (AUS) (co-opted 2022 - 2023) (DFAT)

Andrew Williams (NZ) (co-opted 2022 - 2023) (MFAT)

Ravi Prakash Vyas (AUS) (co-opted 2022 - 2023) (University of Sydney)

*Denotes the year in which the Council member's current term expires (mid-year)

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