ANZSIL’s principal activity is an annual conference, usually held in Canberra or Wellington on a rotating basis. The annual conference has established itself as the principal gathering for international law academics and practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.  

30th Annual ANZSIL Conference 2023

ANZSIL Postgraduate Research Students Workshop

The aims of the Workshop are to provide postgraduate degree research students with an opportunity to present their research to their peers, to discuss their experiences of postgraduate research and to make academic and professional connections. 

Four Societies Conferences

Since 2006, ANZSIL has also participated in the biennial Four Societies Conference, a forum for early career researchers which is held in conjunction with three other national societies (the American, Canadian and Japanese societies). The Eighth Four Societies Conference was organised by ASIL on the theme of Beyond National Jurisdiction and held on 16 and 17 August 2022.  

ANZSIL Interest Group Events

The ANZSIL Interest Groups convene workshops and other events from time to time. ANZSIL’s International Economic Law Interest Group (IELIG), which was established in 2010, convenes an annual Symposium on economic law issues. The ANZSIL International Peace and Security Interest Group (IPSIG), which was established in 2014, convened its first event in April 2015. The ANZSIL Oceans and International Environmental Law Interest Group (OIELIG) held its inaugural workshop in February 2017. The Gender, Sexuality and International Law Interest Group (GSILIG) was established in 2019. The History and Theory of International Law Interest Group (HTILG) was established in 2020.

Requests for ANZSIL financial support for events or activities

The principal activity of ANZSIL is the convening of the annual conference. However, providing that sufficient funds are available, ANZSIL also endeavours to provide financial support for additional events and activities convened by Members of the Society, consistent with its aims. 

Requests for financial support from ANZSIL to convene events or activities should be made in accordance with the Guidelines for Applying for Financial Support from ANZSIL for Events and Activities.

Upcoming events

Previous annual conferences

29th Annual Conference (30 June - 2 July 2022)

International Law and Global Inter-connectedness

28th Annual Conference (30 June - 6 July 2021)

Inertia or Innovation? Reshaping International Law for a Complex Future

27th Annual Conference (4 - 6 July 2019)

International Law Futures: The Intersection of Law with Knowledge, Information and Expertise

26th Annual Conference (5-7 July 2018)

International Law: From the Local to the Global

25th Annual Conference (29 June to 1 July 2017)

Sustaining the International Order in an Era of Rising Nationalism

24th Annual Conference (30 June to 2 July 2016)

International Law of the Everyday: Fieldwork, Friction and Fairness 

23rd Annual Conference (2-4 July 2015)

International Law-Making at a Crossroads: Participant, Processes and Principles 

22nd Annual Conference (3-5 July 2014)

Towards International Peace through International Law (PDF, 1.5MB)

Fifth International Four Societies conference (1-2 July 2014)
Experts, Networks and International Law (PDF, 209KB)

21st Annual Conference (4-6 July 2013)
Accountability and International Law (PDF, 1.4MB)

20th Annual Conference (5-7 July 2012)
International Law in the Next Two Decades: Form or Substance? (PDF, 1.5MB)

19th Annual Conference (23-25 June 2011)
The Promise and Limits of International Law

18th Annual Conference (24-26 June 2010)
International Law in the Second Decade of the 21st Century: Back to the Future or Business As Usual?

17th Annual Conference (2-4 July 2009)
The Future of Multilateralism in Plural World
Governor General's speech

16th Annual Conference (26-28 June 2008)
Security, Scarcity, Struggle: The Dilemmas of International Law

15th Annual Conference (28-30 June 2007)
Restoring the Rule of Law in International Affairs

14th Annual Conference (29 June - 1 July 2006)
Pacific Perspectives on International Law (PDF, 304KB)

13th Annual Conference (16-18 June 2005)
International Institutions in a Uni-Polar World (PDF, 80KB)

12th Annual Conference (18-21 July 2004)
International Law and Security in the Post-Iraq Era: Where to for International Law? (PDF, 104KB)

11th Annual Conference (4-6 July 2003)
International Governance and Institutions: What Significance for International Law? (PDF, 50KB)
Proceedings (PDF, 6MB)

10th Annual Conference (14-16 June 2002)
New Challenges and New States: What Role for International Law? (PDF, 108KB)
Proceedings (PDF, 837KB)

9th Annual Conference (13-14 June 2001)
International Law Downunder: Antipodean Contributions and Challenges (PDF, 423KB)
Proceedings (PDF, 1MB)

8th Annual Conference (26, 28-29 June 2000)
International Legal Challenges for the Twenty-first Century (PDF, 140KB)
Proceedings (PDF, 2.5MB)

7th Annual Conference (8-10 July 1999)
Wealth, Security and Survival: Implementation, Compliance and Enforcement in International Law'

6th Annual Conference (19-21 June 1998)
Proceedings (PDF, 1MB)

5th Annual Conference (29 May - 1 June 1997)

4th Annual Conference (17-19 May 1996)

3rd Annual Conference ( 7-9 July 1995)

2nd Annual Conference (27-29 May 1994)

1st Annual Conference (28-30 May 1993)

Previous Interest Group Events and Activities 

2019 IELIG Workshop (15 February 2019) University of Canterbury Report

2017 OIELIG Workshop (24 February 2017) University of Wollongong Report

2016 IELIG Workshop (20 May 2016) University of Auckland Report and Program

2015 IPSIG Workshop (20 March 2015) University of Melbourne Program

2013 IELIG Symposium (1 March 2013) University of Melbourne Program

2012 IELIG Symposium (2 March 2012) Sydney

2011 IELIG Symposium (25 February 2011) Sydney

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