ANZSIL Book and Journal Article/ Book Chapter Publication Prizes

ANZSIL awards up to four ANZSIL publication prizes on an annual basis.  Up to two prizes will be awarded for books (the ANZSIL Book Prizes) and up to two prizes will be awarded for journal articles or book chapters (the ANZSIL journal article/ book chapter prizes).  

Both prizes will be available in an open and an early career researcher (ECR) category (that is, ANZSIL may award the ANZSIL book prize; the ANZSIL book prize (early career); the ANZSIL journal article/book chapter prize; and the ANZSIL journal article/book chapter prize (early career). ECR publications may be eligible to be awarded the ECR and/or the open prize.

Prizes are to be awarded annually, with the announcement of the winner of the prizes to be made at the annual ANZSIL conference in June/ July.

A sum of $750 will be awarded to each winning ANZSIL book and a sum of $250 will be awarded to each winning article/book chapter.

The ANZSIL book and article/book chapter prize winners will be invited to present and discuss their book/article/book chapter at an online event in August/September of the year of the award. The winners of the prizes are expected to make themselves available as assessors of the prizes in the subsequent year.

Previous Winners

Assessment Criteria 

The ANZSIL publication prizes will be open to published work in any field of public and private international law. The prizes will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Significance of the work to the field of public/private international law.
  • Originality within the field of public/private international law.
  • Rigour – of research methods and analysis.
  • Quality of writing.

Eligibility and Nomination


Eligible publications must be published by 31 December of the year preceding the prize. The publication date is the earlier of the publication date of the electronic/online or print/hardcopy version for books, journal articles and book chapters.


The prizes are open to individuals who:

  • Are an ANZSIL member at the time of nomination; and
  • Are studying or working or otherwise based in Australia or New Zealand OR are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand. 
  • If the author wishes to be considered for the ECR prize, they must confirm eligibility as an ECR scholar.  ECR status will be determined based on the rules for ECR status under the Australian Research Council for the DECRA award, available here

Individuals can nominate a maximum of one publication per category per year.  

In the case of co-authorship, an author can submit a maximum of two publications, but only one publication can be submitted by the same co-authors.

The book prizes are open to authored books.  Authors of chapters in edited collections should submit their chapters for the article/book chapter prizes.


The nomination must be made by 1 February of the year of the prize. The nominator must provide access to the nominated publication, whether in hard copy or via electronic access. Page proofs may be provided if necessary (eg because the author is not able to pay for access for the prize committee/assessors) but the nomination must have been published.

A person other than the author may nominate the publication for a prize provided the author has consented to the nomination.

The nomination should contain the following information:

  • Name of author(s) and title of book, article or book chapter.
  • Statement confirming author(s)’ eligibility for the prize.
  • Statement confirming publication date of the submission (whether that date is of the electronic version/online or hardcopy/print version).
  • If the author wishes to be considered for the ECR prize, they must confirm eligibility as an ECR scholar.  ECR status will be determined based on the rules for ECR status under the Australian Research Council for the DECRA award, available here
  • Statement confirming that the author(s) has/have complied with the rules in relation to the number of submissions per author. 
  • If the nominee is not the author, a statement confirming that the author has consented to be nominated for the prize.
  • Short statement (no more than 250 words) describing the significance of the book, or article or book chapter, including the originality of the author(s)’ contribution.

Dates for the 2024 ANZSIL Publication Prizes

Nominations for the 2024 Prizes are now closed.  Nominations for the 2025 Prizes will open in late 2024.

AYBIL/ ANZSIL Student Paper Prize

The AYBIL/ANZSIL Student Paper Prize is a prize that will be awarded to the best paper submitted by a student on any topic in the field of public or private international law that complies with the eligibility criteria.  The prize is generously sponsored by the AYBIL, the ANU College of Law, AYBIL's publisher Brill, and ANZSIL.

The winning entrant will receive a monetary sum of $200, Brill books to the value of $500, two years' membership of ANZSIL, an opportunity for the winner to present their work as part of an ANZSIL linked event, and a prize citation. Subject to compliance with the AYBIL's standard editorial processes and policy, the winning paper will also be considered for publication in the AYBIL.

Details on the assessment criteria, eligibility requirements and the processes of entry and selection are available here.

Submissions for the 2024 prize are now closed.

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