The ANZSIL International Peace and Security Interest Group (IPSIG) was established in 2014 to provide a space for those ANZSIL members who are interested in conflict, peace and security issues to connect with one another and exchange ideas. In terms of subject matter, the work of IPSIG includes:

  • the law on the use of force (jus ad bellum)
  • collective security under the UN Charter
  • the law of armed conflict (jus in bello)
  • the law of peacekeeping
  • security-related aspects of international human rights law
  • arms control and disarmament law; and
  • international and transnational criminal law.

IPSIG welcomes discussions of peace and security issues from a variety of theoretical and doctrinal perspectives.

Events and activities

IPSIG holds workshops where members of the group come together to share and discuss their work. The workshops not only provide a forum for discussing research and current issues, but also allow taking stock of best practices in teaching and public engagement on international peace and security law issues.

IPSIG workshops take place annually, with the location rotating around Australia and New Zealand. Previous workshops have been hosted by:

  • The University of Melbourne (2015)
  • The University of Sydney (2016)
  • The University of Auckland (2017)
  • The University of Queensland (2018)
  • The University of Adelaide (2019)

Links to the programs of previous workshops can be found on the Events page.

In the future, IPSIG also intends to organise ad hoc seminars and panel discussions at various academic institutions.


IPSIG has a Committee to coordinate its work. Members of the Committee are elected by IPSIG members for two year periods. The terms of the Committee members are staggered so that half of the Committee is eligible for election every year. The Committee selects officers – at a minimum a Chair – from amongst its membership. 

The Committee currently comprises:

  • Marnie Lloyd, Victoria University Wellington (2024) (Co-Chair)
  • Netta Goussac , Lexbridge Lawyers (2025) (Co-Chair)
  • Carrie McDougall, University of Melbourne (2025)
  • Clementine Rundle, ICRC (2025), invited observer
  • Anna Marie Brennan, University of Waikato (2024)
  • Simon McKenzie, Griffith University (2024)
  • Daley Birkett, Macquarie University (2025)
  • Andrea Furger, University of Melbourne (2025)

The year in parentheses denotes the expiry of a Committee member's current term (mid-year).


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